Our Story

Our Story

Mushroomate is an urban farm in Auckland which specializes in cultivating Endemic and Native New Zealand mushrooms. I was helping my Year 8 daughter on her school sustainability project.

“We live in Auckland and we don’t have a lot of garden space, so I kept looking for what we can grow with such a small space. Finally got this perfect idea of growing oyster mushrooms using waste materials (used coffee grounds free from my work cafe, cheap barley straw) and re-usable/recycled buckets.

At first, it was difficult to find any mushroom growing tutorial and supplier in NZ, so I had to watch so many YouTube videos on how to grow mushrooms because we didn’t have any background on mycology.

My daughter and I gave this mushroom growing a try and through research, we learned that NZ fungi are one of the species that are under conservation threat and at high-risk of becoming extinct. We would like to help with awareness of fungal conservation and started cultivating NZ endemic/native mushrooms.

We were amazed at how we managed to grow mushrooms at home very easily and we decided to extend this school project for others to experience and enjoy. These mushrooms enjoy a terrific reputation as the most forgiving, easiest to cultivate, richly nutritious, and medicinally supportive. We got hooked ever since!

Our Focus is to encourage Kiwi families, schools, and local communities to choose to grow our NZ endemic/native mushrooms variety rather than imported species. Help us preserve our beautiful endemic/native mushrooms for future generations. Show your 100% support for the New Zealand ecology.”

Available mushrooms include the gray-coloured Pleurotus Pulmonarius, commonly known as the Indian Oyster, Italian Oyster, Phoenix Mushroom, or the Lung Oyster. Exquisite and flavourful, it can be served raw or cooked lightly. Simply fry with butter garlic, add to a salad or any favourite stir-fry and soup dishes.

Also, Pleurotus Parsonsiae, the white oyster mushroom, is closely related to the pink flamingo oyster mushrooms. It has a meaty texture and makes it an excellent meat substitute.

Our Story